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Throughout many different cultures since the beginning of human civilization, the emerald has been known to be a symbol of love, truth, hope and eternal life. In ancient Greece and Rome, emerald was said to be the gemstone of the goddess Venus, purveyor of love and hope. These gems were revered by the Incas and believed by the Egyptians to be a source of everlasting life.

In honor of this ancient tradition and with the goal of delivering love and hope to our clients, Emerald Cares earns its name by how we treat each individual under our care. We advocate on behalf of our clients, ensuring their voices are heard so they achieve the best possible outcomes throughout their care journey. Each care plan is tailored to each specific client, starting with where they’re at in the moment — this plan can be changed, updated or revised as their healing journey progresses.

At Emerald Cares, your voice matters. We believe that cultural differences should not be a barrier to receiving the best at-home care experience available. Our team of nurses and specialists delivers in-home care services without judgement and with careful attention to each client’s needs, be they physical, emotional, cultural or spiritual. Only at Emerald Cares will you receive this full spectrum of holistic care.

Tehtee Paye


Born in Atlanta, GA, Tehtee attended high school in North Dakota before earning a two-year nursing degree from Alexandria Tech. She brings her West African (Liberian, to be precise) heritage and sensibility to the bedside of her patients and delivers care that is both professional and personal. In creating Emerald Cares, Tehtee brought her vision to life — breaking down barriers to deliver home care services to often underserved populations in North Dakota.

“My goal with Emerald Cares is to deliver professional nursing care that is provided by nurses that really care for the individual. We’re here to not just reach the community around us but also far from us and be able to be that space and provide that care to different ethnic backgrounds without judgement. Too often these patients are stuck feeling like their voice doesn’t matter — they’re afraid in many cases because they feel their culture may be too complex for the average provider. We can be the active listening ears and provide care without judgement.”

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Emerald Cares brings a diverse, culturally aware context to home care services, delivering compassionate care that takes into account the beliefs and traditions of each individual client.