Emerald Cares specializes in delivering compassionate home care services with a culturally sensitive approach.

Our team is as diverse as our growing local population, and we understand how your beliefs and cultural background can impact the way our home care services should be delivered. Our goal is to provide care for the whole person, not just the condition, so we reserve time at the beginning of our engagement with you to listen and learn about your specific needs and how we may be best able to deliver the care and support you need in the comfort of your own home.

Companion Care

Our companion care services offer a human connection for routine daily activities like grocery shopping, meal preparation, daily walks and exercise. Companion care also helps address loneliness and the often debilitating effects that can have on anyone, regardless of whether or not they require in-home care services. Emerald Cares is unique in that our multicultural approach to companion care offers our clients an even stronger connection, one that is rooted in the cultural and ethnic priorities of the clients. Your background and beliefs will be treated as equal priorities to your health care needs.

Homemaking Care

Our Emerald Cares caregivers are able to provide homemaking (aka housekeeping) duties to clients who need it. We will create a plan with you to determine which projects and chores require our help and give you the freedom to choose those you wish to keep doing yourself. Services available include (but not limited to) general cleaning of the house such as dusting, mopping and vacuuming floors, cleaning bathrooms, doing laundry, keeping the kitchen clean and free of old, spoiled food, taking out the garbage, feeding pets, and things as simple as making the bed and tidying up.

Respite Care

Respite care is very much an overlooked form of home care services, but it is one that is incredibly important for the supporting family members who may be the primary caretaker and caregiver. For example, if a family needs a break or would like to go on vacation, it can be very difficult to leave the client behind. Guilt and emotional stress are common barriers to day-to-day caregivers giving themselves a much-needed break. Emerald Cares can step in on a short-term basis to take over caregiving duties while a family takes time away to rest and relax.

Live-in Care

Some clients require round-the-clock in-home care, and Emerald Cares is able to provide it with a team of compassionate caregivers who will be there to assist clients with all aspects of daily life. From ensuring medications are delivered on time and at the correct dosage, to assisting clients with bathing, going to the bathroom and general household chores, you can trust Emerald Cares will be there at every step to ensure as high a quality of life possible.

Overnight Care

For clients who are able to carry on with their daily lives without much daytime assistance but may appreciate having someone present at night to help with things like night time medication delivery or getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, Emerald Cares can create an overnight care plan to meet those specific needs during those specific overnight hours.

Post Surgery Care

Depending on the operation, a patient may require assistance changing dressings or bandages, keeping wounds clear, maintaining scheduled medications to control pain or fight against infection, etc. Nutrition is also an important part of recovery, and the Emerald Cares team will see to it that you maintain your strength and energy as you recover. We can also arrange for things like grocery shopping and pickup to daily housekeeping chores.


Supervision care is designed primarily for clients dealing with various stages of memory loss and dementia. These individuals are often more than capable of maintaining their daily routines and day-to-day activities, but for their safety and well-being benefit from an Emerald Cares team member being with them simply to avoid simple confusions or mishaps. Supervision care is very similar to companion care, but with an extra emphasis on symptoms associated with memory loss.

Nursing Educator

Emerald Cares takes great pride in ongoing education for our entire team, and our nursing educator program focuses on creating specific care plans for clients, as well as training our Direct Service Providers (DSPs) on the specific needs outlined within the care plan. As with every service, the goal is to ensure safe living accommodations for our clients, ensuring their health care needs are being met with compassion and consistency.

Non-medical Transportation Escort and Drivers

As the title suggests, this service provided by Emerald Cares includes trips around town, errands, grocery shopping, events and other outings that are non-medical in nature (i.e. not requiring any specialized medical care).

Extended Personal Care

Emerald Cares offers two types of extended personal care, where a client requires our assistance on a long-term basis for any number of various health and home care needs.

  • Nursing extended personal care: this level of service requires professional nursing expertise and includes duties such as catheter care, enemas, feeding tubes, foot care for circulatory issues, manual bowel extraction, medication setup, administering narcotics, administering injections like insulin, etc.
  • Non-nursing extended personal care: this level of service focuses on care that can be delivered by our team of Direct Service Professionals and includes services like maintaining or redoing compression wraps, medication assistance, wound care, bathing, etc.

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Emerald Cares brings a diverse, culturally aware context to home care services, delivering compassionate care that takes into account the beliefs and traditions of each individual client.